Zanzibar -


“Mnemba’s there”. We visited the beautiful island of Mnemba where we snorkeled. Top destination. Unfortunately, we had to change the main song, it was violating some copyrights apparently, so the tune was changed and the video lost a lot of its magic.

We stayed in 2 hotels during our visit to Zanzibar. First was the Dream of Zanzibar, the second was Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort. Both top hotels. We chose them because of their location predominantly. The dream was nice, but a bit secluded, Royal Beach was in Nungwi, where we visited the school and turtles. We also did a trip to the Jozani forest, visited the tortoises there (they have 4), and visited the Rock, the most famous restaurant in Zanzibar. We also visited Stone Town, however, there is no footage from there here. Zanzibar is definitely worth visiting, we had a great time there and hopefully, we will return one day. Probably one of the best beaches we’ve been on in Zanzibar.

Some photos:

On the way back, we were next to a coffin…



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