The purpose of this site has changed a few times already. The original concept was to post positive things only. Show how beautiful our planet is and how many wonderful things there are to do in this world. Unfortunately this has become difficult to manage for a single person and other family commitments took priority.

To the point:

This site is going to be oriented about our travels mostly, with some occasional inspirational posts if time allows.

Who are we?

We are a family of 4. Tom, Monika, Claudia, and Olivia. Parents are around the age of 40, kids we born 2012-2013, so you can easily do the calculations.

We love to travel and try to travel as much as possible, so we hope there will be a lot of cool content here, mostly because it will be produced by us.

Our footage has already been recognised. We were lucky to produce an advert for Expedia from our travels that was aired in primetime around the world, you might have seen us before!

If you have any collaboration ideas feel free to reach out to us at

We currently live in London, but we come from Poland. We moved to the UK around 15 years ago.